AquaSave Super Pervious Pavers

CEMETILE offers a wide range of products catering to the landscape and construction industry in western India. With the biggest assortment of interlock pavers, chequered tiles, concrete retaining wall system, hollow and solid construction blocks, fly ash bricks, crush sand and aggregates; CEMETILE is a one-stop shop for all your civil projects.
The increased use of concrete, asphalt and other non-porous materials for public roads, footpaths and driveways is having a profound impact on the water cycle in the urban environment. Ecologists estimate that 95% of the rainfall in the cities is rapidly directed into the Municipal stormwater drainage system putting heavy pressure on the existing drainage systems and preventing the recharge of the natural water table that exists below the surface.

AquaSave Permeable
pavements help restore the natural water cycle
& offer an environmentally sustainable, cost effective and beneficial long term approach to on-site and urban drainage systems.

Strength: AquaSave pavers are manufactured in M20 Concrete grade.
Flow rate: A high void content of approx.25% allows for water infiltration rate of up to 1.0 litre per second per Sq.ft.
Sizes: 200x200x60mm and 80mm,
400x400x60mm 150x150x60mm
Colors: Grey,Dark Grey,Terracotta & Brown
Additional Sizes & Colors may be available

While easy to construct,AquaSave pavements need to be free draining and structurally stable.This requires creation of voids in the pavement sub base and compaction of materials having minimal 'fines'. The bedding layer to be constructed with 4-6 mm,crush stone instead of crush sand or stone dust.

  • Are fully permeable, durable and slip resistant.
  • Facilitate on-site water retention and harvesting of storm water
  • Acts as a filtration system for storm water runoff at source
  • Reduces local flooding and surface ponding
  • Increases water supply to trees and allows for root aeration

AquaSave Pavers are ideal for footpaths, plazas, walkways, courtyards, car parks, residential driveways and minor roads. Because of the open nature of the AquaSave matrix, pavers may not be suitable for heavy traffic conditions.

Regular removal of surface debris will maintain the performance of AquaSave Pavements. Whenever necessary, AquaSave pavers may be required to be cleaned with high pressure water jet and/or mechanical vacuum cleaners to maintain free water infiltration characteristics.
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